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Temporary & Permanent Work VISA Applications

This service is for prospective employees or staff who have been nominated by a business and can now apply for a temporary or permanent work visa to enable them to come or stay in Australia for work.


Sponsorship & Nomination

This service is for businesses who need to apply as an approved sponsor to the Department of Home Affairs. Becoming an approved sponsor allows you to nominate overseas workers to work for your business. If you are a business struggling to find skilled workers locally, this service is for you.

Labour Market Testing

This service is for businesses who need assistance in conducting a proper Labour Market Testing (LMT) as per the requirements of the Department of Home Affairs. The LMT will show whether your business has made genuine efforts to recruit or hire local workers. The manner in which you conduct your LMT is critical to the approval of your business's nomination of an overseas worker. Contact us for further details.

Responding to Requests from the Department of Home Affairs

Have you received a letter from the Department requesting you to respond within 7 or 28 days? Not sure how to respond? What documents should you attach in support of your claims? Have addressed each point made in the request letter? Have you done your research? This service is for you.

Training Plans

This service is for Temporary Activities Sponsors who need assistance in creating and implementing a unique Training Plan for their business under the Subclass 407 Training Visa.

Appeals for Refused Applications

This service is for businesses or individuals whose application has been refused by the Department of Home Affairs and is eligible to apply for a review with the Administrative Appeal Tribunal. Please note that time limits apply in lodging a review application. Not sure if you can still apply? Contact us.

Information Administration & Management

This service is for businesses who need a system in place to keep pace in today's rapidly changing business world. If your business is struggling to organise and manage information coming from various stakeholders, i.e. ATO, ASIC, Home Affairs, accountant, recruiters, employees and others, it is easy to get lost underneath all the communications while trying to manage the main operation of your business. Let us help you. At Enhance NT, we are information professional specialists. We will discuss your business needs and come up with a solution to your problem.

Endorsement for Designated Area Migration Agreement (D.A.M.A) & LABOUR AGREEMENTS

This service is for approved Standard Business Sponsors (SBS) in Australia who wish to access certain occupations or concessions included in the Designated Area Migration Agreement not available in the standard temporary or permanent visa programs.

Examples of occupations with English or salary concessions are accounts clerk, barista, bus driver, crowd controller, deck hand, driller and many more. These type of occupations would not be available to SBS for nomination under the TSS 482 or SESR 494 visa, unless the SBS is endorsed by the Designated Area Representative (DAR) for DAMA.

Once endorsed by the (DAR) for DAMA, the SBS may apply to the Department of Home Affairs for a Labour Agreement, then apply for nomination of the the overseas worker in the needed occupation.

For more information on what occupations and concessions are available for prospective sponsors, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Student Counselling

This service is for current and prospective international students who need advice on their career pathway. 

Unsure of what to study? Unsure of how your course of study will help you improve your remuneration upon returning to your home country? Need guidance on addressing the genuine temporary entrant criteria in your Statement of Purpose? Take the stress out of your studies by speaking with any of our expert counsellors. Our counsellors are highly experienced in handling Australian student visa applications and certified by PIER to be a Qualified Education Agent Counsellor.

Whether you are just contemplating of doing further study to Australia, or you are already in Australia in the middle of your studies and need guidance about your chosen pathway, this service is perfect for you to put you at ease and help you make an informed decision about your future.

We also organise airport pick-up, drop-off, accomodation and other service needs for our student clients. 

Pareration & Submission of other visa applications

Enrolment and Admission

Which school should choose? Which location is the best for your circumstances? Have you done enough research about education providers in Australia? 

Choosing which institution to study at, submitting an application for enrolment and admission to a college or university can be a daunting process.  There are many documents required and most education providers prefer to deal with an agent for a streamlined process. 

At Enhance NT, we are certified education agents and we've already done all the research to provide you with sound advice so you can choose the study institution that's right for you. Let us do the paperwork for you so you can sit back and relax. Focus on your study ahead. 



Preparation & Submission of student visa applications

You've been accepted into a school, college or university. You now have a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). It's now time to lodge your student visa application! This is the most important part of your application process. Make sure you get it right or you may risk getting a visa refusal. 

Let us handle the entire visa process for you. Our team of former Australian Immigration student visa processing officers are experts in this field. 

Pre-departure briefing

The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed how we travel. The rules are ever-changing. Travelling without the proper knowledge can cost you a lot if you are off-loaded at the airport or worst, turned around at the border for not having the proper documentation with you. As a client of Enhance NT, we will ensure that travelling to your destination is smooth sailing.

Preparation & Submission of other visa applications

This service is for individuals applying other visa application both temporary and permanent such as:

Visitor Visa, Training Visa, Temporary Work Visa, Fiance Visa

Partner or Spouse Visa, Parent Visa, Child Visa, Employer Nomination Scheme Visas, Skilled Migration Visas, Resident Return Visa, Investor Visa etc. 

We also process Citizenship applications. (Citizenship by descent or by conferral)

Skills Assessment

One of the most important requirement for a skilled migration visa is a Positive Skills Assessment of your nominated occupation.

Are you a skilled at doing something? Are you a welder? A nurse? A graphic artist? A dancer? An office manager? A tutor?  This service is for individuals who have at least 3 years of skilled work experience in their home country. We will help you get your skills recognised in Australia. Getting your skills recognised means you will get a Positive Skills Assessment which you can use to migrate to Australia. 

If you have less than 3 years work experience, speak to one our registered migration agent to give you advice on alternative pathways.  


Airport pick up and drop off available to and from Stuart Park Rest House – $50 under

Stuart Park Rest House


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Any further questions regarding your particular matter may require a consultation fee according to the complexity of the enquiry.